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Awery ERP is a complete integrated web-based extremely flexible and customizable platform developed in close cooperation with aviation professionals. It manages main aviation business processes: sales, operations, finance and HR, increasing productivity, reliability, and efficiency.

key features
Flexible connectivity to other systems for data exchange
Transparent information flow within the company
Blazingly fast performance
User-friendly interface
Bank-grade security with advanced access policies
Support of Multi-Company (Branches) configuration
Customer service tools
Mobile apps
System provides
An integrated real-time view of core business processes accessible from any place in the world
Up-to-date management reports and data for analysis, automated documentation
Powerful CRM, informational database, source for tactical and strategic plannin
Integrated mailing/messaging system with templates support

Cloud-based Aviation ERP — Awery hosts

  • Hosted, supported, and managed by Awery 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Monthly license fees per user.
  • No hardware related and IT support costs.
  • Perfect solution for small and midsize aviation businesses.

Hosted Aviation ERP — Customer hosts

  • System is hosted on customer server – in data center or in customer’s local IT infrastructure.
  • Goes with Database License and 24/7/365 Awery support.
  • Best fits big aviation players with sophisticated IT infrastructure.



What are system requirements (end-user)?
  • Optimal: 20-22” display with 1680x1050 resolution.
  • Minimal: 1366 x 800 resolution.
  • RAM - from 4GB, Intel i5 generation 5+
  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari browser.
  • Windows, MAC, Linux operating System.
  • Adobe Flash player version 24+ (required for User Interfaces) -
  • Opened 843, 5222, 1935 ports.
  • 1 Mbps Internet connection speed; minimum 4 Mbps for more than 1 active user at once.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF viewing -
  • Adobe Air -
  • Open Office - - office formats for some Documents Generation (like AWB Printing, Charter Agreement, etc.).
What are technical server requirements (hosted version)?
  • A dedicated or virtual server is required for the hosted model setup and operation of the system.
  • Location in any network provider professional data-center anywhere in the world with 24/7 power and high-speed network connectivity (option of Local server setup is available) - incoming (minimum 8 Mbps) and outgoing speed (minimum 20 Mbps).
  • Intel Xeon (or AMD) processor x 2 (4 cores recommended).
  • RAM – 8GB (16+ GB recommended for high load).
  • 200 GB of hard-disk space (2 x 500 GB recommended).
  • Unlimited data traffic plans (minimum 20 GB – incoming, 80 GB – outgoing).
  • Static IP-address or Dynamic if installed locally in the office.
  • Linux operating system, the best options is Debian OS x64 version: or Cent OS x 64
  • SSH Connection to server with full root access enabled user for Awery support team.
Can Awery ERP be used in offline mode?
Awery is 100% web-based solution, so you can use it online only.
What are the types of Awery ERP users?
  1. General user - a user that has login/password allowing to open Awery ERP and is able to work with the system based on the assigned role (set of permissions). Only one user with the same login/password can use the system (if a user logs in with same credentials to another device, current user will be logout automatically).
  2. Crew user - a user with an access to Crew Portal only.
  3. External user - a user with an access to the tools integrated to the customer web-site (for example online charter booking, cargo booking, etc.).
Can one send email/sms from Awery?
Yes, Awery ERP has an integrated mailing/sms tool with templates support.
Is it possible to integrate Awery with 3rd party programs/websites?
  • Awery can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure.
  • Explore all our integrations here.
  • We can integrate with any third party using API, XML, RPC, etc.
Which types of messages does Awery ERP support?
  • SITA - for Movement Messages
  • CASS - for AWB invoicing
  • IATA CIMP - for AWB Messaging (FFR, FFM, etc.)
  • Any kind of integrations through API, XML, RPC, etc.
How does Awery ensure the security of customer data?
  • All connections are done through secured SSL.
  • Unix based operating system with advanced access setup and security.
  • Life data replication to mirror servers in the cloud.
  • Daily backup of database and files provided to Customer.
  • Cloud hosting in certified network provider that uses industry-best security and encryption.
  • Signed NDA for data protection in place.
  • User management and control are performed by Customer.
  • The user is auto-blocked if a password is wrong during the login (after several attempts).
  • An ability to block user login outside the office network (by IP).