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Awery Documents Library is a web application for documents distribution and control within the company. It allows automating processes related to the documents circulation, revisions control, managing documents approval, producing status reports, sending reminders and notifications.

key features
A unified database for storing and distributing documents
Transparent document flow within the company
Covers compliance requirements for documents distribution within the aviation company
Bank-grade security with advanced access policies
Key formats supported (pdf, word, excel, etc.)
User-friendly interface
Mobile support on any platform
System provides
A framework for documents and their revisions storage and distribution among the persons concerned.
An electronic confirmation of documents receipt and acceptance.
A tool for document classifications by categories, authors, storage places for original hard copies, etc.
Handy distribution lists based on departments and employees.
Draft, active and obsolete document statuses, auditors approval of draft documents before going active
A tool for document access management, e-signatures control guidelines and signature status control

Cloud-based Documents Library — Awery hosts

  • Hosted, supported, and managed by Awery 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Monthly license fees per user.
  • No hardware related and IT support costs.
  • Perfect solution for small and midsize aviation businesses.

Hosted Documents Library — Customer hosts

  • System is hosted on customer server – in data center or in customer’s local IT infrastructure.
  • Goes with Database License and 24/7/365 Awery support.
  • Best fits big aviation players with sophisticated IT infrastructure.


FAQ Awery documents library

Can Awery Documents Library be used in offline mode?
Awery documents library is 100% web-based solution, so you can use it online only.
What are the supported documents formats?
.doc, .pdf, .png, .jpeg, .xls
How does Awery ensure the security of customer data?
  • All connections are done through secured SSL.
  • Unix based operating system with advanced access setup and security.
  • Life data replication to mirror servers in the cloud.
  • Daily backup of database and files provided to Customer.
  • Cloud hosting in certified network provider that uses industry-best security and encryption.
  • Signed NDA for data protection in place.
  • User management and control are performed by Customer.
  • The user is auto-blocked if a password is wrong during the login (after several attempts).
  • An ability to block user login outside the office network (by IP).