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Awery is a software development company and IT service provider established in 2009 and serving clients all over the world. Having 8 years’ experience in aviation industry Awery provides unique aviation solutions, concepts and vision.

Awery products have been developed in close cooperation with aviation and logistic companies to reflect up-to-date market demands and to offer tailored complete business cycle solutions with unlimited expansion capabilities.

Awery team delivers full product support to the customers at every stage. Our goal is to help you save time and efforts, improve business performance, increase operational efficiency and boost profitability.

Awery team

Awery. Vitaly Smilianets Founder and CEO

Vitaly Smilianets

Founder and CEO

13 years of professional experience in global aviation software projects; expert in IT solutions, WEB, Rich Internet Applications, ERP Systems, Mobile Platforms and Software Development.

Awery. Aleksandr Shevchuk CTO

Aleksandr Shevchuk


15 years in database and backend architecture and optimization, experience performing large-scale and heavy load projects, complex systems integrations.

Awery. Vladimir Gabovich COO

Vladimir Gabovich


7 years in web-based projects development and technical support, 2 years in logistics and warehouse management, 4 years of customer relationship management and support, 3 years as a senior project manager in mobile and software development.

Awery. Sergey Khavilo Business Development and Sales Manager

Sergey Khavilo

Business Development and Sales Manager

16 years of sales and business development experience on IT market; more than 11 years of work in multinational companies (Intel, AMD).

Awery. Denis Ivanenko Business Development and Sales Manager

Denis Ivanenko

Business Development and Sales Manager

10 years in IT. IT consulting and software development project management. Sales of enterprise products on the territory of CIS and Baltic counties.

Awery. Andreas Almazov Business Development, MENA Region

Andreas Almazov

Business Development, MENA Region

17 years in ERP software Development and Implementation projects. 10 years in Business Management in Aerospace industry (Flights management, Air Cargo Division Management etc.)

Awery. Kate Yanshina Key Account Manager

Kate Yanshina

Key Account Manager

4 years in IT customer relationship management, IT project management and customer support.

Awery. Vladimir Demchuk Project Manager

Vladimir Demchuk

Project Manager

Experience in IT project management, customer support, QA.

Awery. Sergey Team Lead
Team Lead
Awery. Denis Team Lead
Team Lead
Awery. Tatiana Account Manager
Account Manager
Awery. Mykhailo Designer
Awery. Ksusha Office Manager
Office Manager
Awery. Yurii Developer
Awery. Alexandr  Developer
Awery. Oleg  Developer
Awery. Anelya Developer
Awery. Julia iOS Developer
iOS Developer
Awery. Vladyslav Android Developer
Android Developer
Awery. Alexandr


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